ERA (Europe) and RAA (US) working together for regional aviation


The working relationship between the European Regions Airline Association (ERA) and the Regional Airline Association* (RAA) continues to be of great benefit to both parties, notes Simon McNamara, Director General ERA, from the RAA’s annual conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, US.

Attending this year’s highly productive RAA conference has reaffirmed the importance of working closely with our US partners to defend, protect and support the regional aviation community on both sides of the Atlantic,” explains McNamara. “The European and US regional aviation industries face many similar challenges and opportunities, and the relationship between ERA and RAA, formalised two years ago, ensures that we work together for the benefit of our members and the flying public.

I was delighted to attend this year’s RAA conference and look forward to building further on this successful partnership in the increasingly global network served and supported by regional aviation,” adds McNamara.

ERA head office, UK, 12 May 2016