Air Serbia, German Airways and SprintAir join ERA as it fights to save the future of European aviation


Three new European airlines, Air Serbia, SprintAir and German Airways, join ERA (European Regions Airline Association) to respond to the COVID-19 crisis.

  •  ERA’s number of airlines now total 64, showing the industry’s collaborative spirit is more needed than ever before.

The disastrous effects of COVID-19 on the aviation industry have been plain to see, with many airlines facing financial devastation as a result. As ERA is working tirelessly to lobby for exceptional measures during these unprecedented times, three airlines – Air Serbia, German Airways and SprintAir – have joined the association in recent weeks, appreciating the power of one collective voice and the strength of unity at this difficult time.

Montserrat Barriga, ERA Director General, says: “This is the time where the extremely collaborative spirit that characterises our industry needs to shine through the association’s work for as many airlines as possible to survive this crisis. I am happy to welcome three more airlines into ERA membership, further strengthening the message that the industry must join forces here and now to safeguard the future of aviation in Europe. Our strong association of more than 200 members, including 64 airlines, continues to work together during these unprecedented times, with the knowledge that aviation will be instrumental in rebuilding the new European economy once we move to recovery and start to reunite our continent.”

Comments from ERA’s new airline members: 

Air Serbia – “Air Serbia is very pleased to become a member of ERA. Our company is a national airline of the Republic of Serbia and brings a 92-year tradition of flying. From our hub in Belgrade, we fly to Europe, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, North America, as well as in Africa. We also offer long-haul and international destinations in Asia, Australia, North America and Africa, through our codeshare partners and our equity partner, Etihad Airways which holds a 49 per cent share. We currently operate a fleet of one wide-bodied, 14 narrow-bodied and 6 turboprop aircraft.”

SprintAir – “SprintAir is honoured to join such a distinguished association and become part of ERA family. In such difficult times all the stakeholders, including air cargo carriers, should join their forces to help the industry in facing the challenges and recovering. We will be delighted to share our knowledge and support ERA members, trusting our joint efforts will let us leave the current crisis even stronger.”

German Airways – “We are very pleased that our membership in ERA has now also given us a home in terms of association politics. Especially in difficult times like the current ones, it is important to co-operate with other companies that have similar economic interests.”

15 May 2020


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