European regulator EASA set to approve resumption of Boeing 737 MAX flights as from next week

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After almost two years of being grounded, the Boeing 737 MAX will be approved to resume commercial flights in Europe. But European regulator EASA warns: the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft type will be subject to closer scrutiny.

The aircraft will be cleared again from next week,” Patrick Ky, executive director of EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) told reporters at yesterday’s online event hosted by the German aviation press club adding that: “the planes will be permitted to fly so long as they meet conditions specified by the agency and that pilots are up to date on their training.”

The Boeing 737 MAX was grounded by EASA on March 12, 2019, following two accidents with total loss of aircraft in which 346 people died. Intense work involving the dedicated attention from around 20 EASA experts over a period of around 20 months has now given EASA the confidence to declare the aircraft will be safe to fly again. The Federal Aviation Administration of the United States (FAA), State of Design for Boeing aircraft, published its final approval of the modified 737 MAX in the Federal Register on November 20, 2020.

EASA lays out its proposed conditions (two more than FAA) for return to service of the Boeing 737 MAX



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