EASA says Boeing 737 MAX can fly again

© Boeing and TUI Fly Belgium

In Brussels, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) finally gave the green light to the Boeing 737 MAX. The plane is again authorised to fly in the European Union after months of grounding imposed following the two accidents which, in October 2018 and March 2019, claimed the lives of 346 people.

According to Patrick Ky, head of the agency, the aircraft could return to European skies before the end of the year, its security now being deemed “sufficient”.

Sufficient, but not complete: EASA has asked Boeing to work on a synthetic angle of attack sensor. It will serve as redundancy for the already existing sensor which, in association with the infamous but now revised MCAS, was at fault in both accidents.

This sensor will be integrated into new variants of the aeroplane, in particular the 737 MAX 10, and will also have to be adapted and then integrated into all aircraft already in service or about to be.


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