EASA recommends a two-crew cockpit at all times


EASA SIB No.: 2015-04

This is information only. Recommendations are not mandatory.

EASA Safety Information Bulletin SIB No.: 2015-04 Issued: 27 March 2015

Subject: Authorised persons in the flight crew compartment

Ref. Publication: Commission Regulation (EU) No 965/2012.

Applicability: National Aviation Authorities and commercial air transport (CAT) operators of aeroplanes subject to ORO.SEC.100(b) and operated with more than one cabin crew.

Description: Based on the information currently available following the accident of flight 4U9525, and pending the outcome of the technical investigation, the Agency, in consultation with Member States, makes the following temporary recommendation. This will be reviewed in the light of any new information concerning the accident investigation or the implementation of this SIB.

Recommendation: The Agency recommends operators to re-assess the safety and security risks associated with flight crew members leaving the flight crew compartment due to operational or physiological needs during non-critical phases of flight. Based on this assessment, operators are recommended to implement procedures requiring at least two persons authorised in accordance with CAT.GEN.MPA.135 to be in the flight crew compartment at all times, or other equivalent mitigating measures to address risks identified by the operator’s revised assessment.

Any additional risks stemming from the introduction of such procedures or measures should be assessed and mitigated.

National Aviation Authorities should ensure that operators under their oversight are aware of the content of this SIB.

Contact(s): For further information contact the Safety Information Section, EASA. E-mail: ADs@easa.europa.eu.



    Friday 27 March 2015

    EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) has just issued a safety information bulletin (SIB), following the accident of Germanwings flight 9525 and pending the outcome of the technical investigation.
    Air France and KLM will implement the EASA recommendation as soon as possible
    The Agency recommends the operators to issue a safety and security risks assessment in order to require at least two persons in the flight crew compartment or guarantee an equivalent safety level.

    As previously announced, this recommendation followed a consultation of operators including Air France and KLM.

    Air France and KLM will implement this recommendation as soon as possible.

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