EASA launches Air Operations community, collating safety information and offering community sign-up to stay informed


Air ops community launched

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has launched a community website designed for professionals active in air operations. The website offers detailed information about air operations safety, with a particular emphasis on COVID-19, reflecting the current focus of the industry. The community forms part of EASA’s safety promotion activities, running under the tagline Together4Safety. 

Navigate through safety information

In the Air Operations Together4Safety community, EASA wants to keep you informed and updated with all the latest news and safety information. Its goal is to save you time looking for information. You can navigate through safety information such as Operational Domains, Safety Analysis, Accidents and Occurrences and EPAS Strategic Priorities and Actions.

There is a dedicated area for COVID-19 Support Material which provides important information published by EASA and other industry stakeholders, this area is split up into 4 different areas:

Join the community: stay informed via email and information sharing

You can view the information on the community site without becoming a member. But by creating an account and joining the Air Operations community, you can stay informed via email notifications, meet other aviation enthusiasts and benefit fully from shared information. The EASA Community network also includes a General Aviation community and a Rotorcraft community


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