A short summary of EASA’s proposals for new rules on drones


Today EASA has made available a Summary of its Proposals for the Introduction of a Regulatory Framework for the Operation of Drones containing based on the original document (A-NPA: Advanced Notice of Proposed Amendment to the rules). This summary will assist in better understanding the A-NPA contents and procedure and hopefully encourage your participation in the consultative process. You can read the full A-NPA document here.

The Agency’s proposals represent a new regulatory approach for safely operating remotely piloted aircraft. This flexible, proportionate and risk based approach. In other words, safety requirements are in relation to the risk an activity poses to the operator and to third parties (e.g. general public). The greater the risk the higher the requirements.  This is done in order to ensure there is no compromise in safety, but there is a flexible environment for this promising industry to grow.

The expiration date for comments is 25 September 2015. The Summary of the A-NPA is available which contains all the proposals. This document’s translations in all EU languages will become available in the coming days.



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