Belgian FPS Mobility and Transport expands online services for the aviation sector with Aviation Portal


On Wednesday 4 September, the Directorate-General for Air Transport (DGTA/DGLV) of the FPS Mobility and Transport launches the Aviation Portal. With this online portal, DGTA/DGLV wants to simplify its services for both professional and non-professional clients.

One-stop shop

The Aviation Portal brings together various online services for the aviation sector.

Any owner of an aircraft can, via this portal:

  • Register and unsubscribe an aircraft (plane, drone, …);
  • Report changes to the registration data of the device;
  • Pay online;
  • Track the processing of applications online;
  • Consult a summary file containing all the information that DGTA/DGLV has for its Belgian aircraft.

An aircraft is a generic name designating many aircraft: planes, gliders, helicopters, balloons, microlights, paramotors, drones …

Simple and therefore faster

An online application makes it easy. Various paper forms have been collected in a single online application, whose input fields automatically adjust to the submitted application. The applicant no longer has to search for the correct form.

In addition, information already known to DGTA/DGLV is pre-filled. By checking the required fields and the data entered, the number of incorrect or incomplete applications is reduced. This allows DGTA/DGLV to manage files faster.

Payment can also be processed immediately online, which saves a lot of time.


The connection to the Aviation Portal is facilitated by the electronic identity card.

Businesses and organisations connect via CSAM, which manages access to federal government online services.

Focus on innovation

The Aviation Portal will develop further in the future and similar innovations are also being prepared for other areas of the FPS Mobility such as maritime transport and road transport.

Emmanuelle Vandamme, President of the FPS Mobility and Transport: “In total, the Belgian aeronautical registration number includes 6,173 aircraft, of which 2,715 are drones. Their development is growing. With the Aviation Portal, the management of aircraft is facilitated and its users will appreciate the ease of use. It is part of the digital transformation ambition of the FPS Mobility and Transport.

François Bellot, Minister of Mobility: “As soon as I took office, I was keen to work, in coordination with the Presidency of the SPF Mobility and the management of the DGTA, to modernise the tools and the structure of the different DGTA services. After the successful implementation of a digital “drones” platform and an administrative service adapted to the requirements of telepilots a few months ago, the Aviation Portal is today a second decisive step marking the renewal of DGTA/DGLV.

3 September 2019


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