A4E statement regarding the most recent French ATC strike on 21-22-23 May 2018


Air traffic controllers (ATCs) in France have called for a nationwide strike which began Monday, 21 May at 17:00 (UTC) and that lasted until Wednesday, 23 May at 04:00 (UTC). Among A4E airlines, over 500 flights have been cancelled on Tuesday, affecting some 70,000 passengers and cargo. Delays are severe (mostly en-route)

In addition:

  • There has been a 300 per cent increase in air traffic control strikes in France compared with the same period last year: In 2017, we had 13 days of French industrial actions:
    * Five consecutive days in March (6/10 March)
    * Four days in September (11/13 and 21 Sept)
    * One day in October (10 Oct)
    * Three days in November (15-17 November)
  • Just five months into 2018, we are on track to see more ATC strikes in France than we’ve had in the entire last year, or 14 days:
    * Three days in March (21-23 March)
    * Four days in April (7-8 and 28-29 April)
    * Five days already in May (5-6 May, 12-13 May, 22 May) as well as 26-27 May have been announced.

Already ATC strikes in 2018 have impacted over half a million travellers through cancellations alone — the majority of them without the possibility of being notified in advance. (Note: These figures pertain only to A4E member carriers, which represent about 70 per cent of the EU market. Therefore the total impact of these strikes in the EU is indeed higher than this).

Since 2010 there have been 275 Air Traffic Control strikes in France alone, representing nearly two-thirds of all ATC strikes in Europe.

  • A4E is calling on policymakers to better defend the rights of EU citizens as airline passengers, namely their right to move freely throughout Europe.
  • Travellers can sign our petition to demand change: www.keepeuropesskiesopen.com
  • For more information on our free movement call to action: https://a4e.eu/call-for-action/


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