European Commission creates new momentum with announcement of Aviation Package


The Association of European Airlines (AEA) welcomes the Commission’s announcement of an Aviation package as part of its Work Programme 2015. The package will include a Communication identifying challenges and measures for improving the competitiveness of the EU Aviation sector and the revision of the EASA basic regulation.

However, it is unfortunate that the Commission has also decided not to pursue further liberalisation of ground handling services at European airports and to withdraw the proposal for a Directive on security charges.

Aviation Package

By announcing a Communication on the competitiveness of the European aviation sector, the Commission recognises the vital role the European network carriers play in the EU economy, by promoting trade and tourism and acting as a vehicle for employment and growth”, says AEA’s CEO Athar Husain Khan. “We  support the revision of the EASA Basic Regulation, provided that extensions of EASA’s competence fill existing legislative gaps and are publicly funded.“ AEA looks forward to further working together with the Commission on these important issues.

Ground Handling

Political reality has forced the Commission to withdraw its 2011 proposal on ground handling. “The failure to further liberalise the ground handling market is a missed opportunity to strengthen the competitiveness of European airlines and thereby to contribute to the economic growth ambition of the Juncker Commission”, states Mr. Husain Khan. “Therefore, we invite the Commission to discuss alternative ways forward.

Security Charges

Following today’s scrapping of the proposal for a Directive on security charges, AEA calls on the Commission to stimulate progress on the issues of security costs and shared responsibility”, says AEA’s CEO.


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