Potential for European flight impacts if Icelandic volcano erupts


AccuWeather reports a heightened potential for air travel disruptions due to a looming volcanic eruption near Grindavík, Iceland. Seismic activity suggests an impending eruption, raising concerns about potential impacts on European flights in the coming weeks.

Chief Meteorologist Jonathan Porter emphasises the critical role of eruption timing in determining flight disruptions. Early in the week, if an eruption occurs, upper-level winds may direct ash towards Scandinavia or north of it. However, later in the week, changes in the jet stream could redirect ash towards northern and central Europe, potentially affecting air travel. As the weekend approaches, any airborne ash might disperse further west across Europe.

Aside from aviation impacts, concerns regarding safety, property damage, and poor air quality near the eruption site are highlighted. Increased sulphur content in the air near the ground, due to magma presence, poses risks of unhealthy air quality. If the eruption happens early in the week, the capital city of Reykjavik might experience reduced air quality, but winds shifting direction later in the week could mitigate risks in Reykjavik while persisting near the eruption site.



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