Thanks to blood donors, commercial pilot Francis takes to the skies again


He is a pilot, father of a one-year old daughter and a base jumper. There is nothing to suggest that this young Belgian has twice been diagnosed with acute leukemia. Thanks to a stem cell transplantation, intensive treatment and not less than two hundred blood bags and platelets, Francis came through, but he is not there yet … slowly but steadily, Francis will take to the skies again.

Become a donor

Just imagine you can save somebody’s life – and all it takes is to give blood! It barely takes an hour of your time. So what are you waiting for?

Are you in good health? Perfect! So why not become a donor? It’s worth bearing in mind that if you give your first donation before your 65th birthday!

Did you know you can also donate plasma or blood platelets at our donor centres? Plasma and blood platelets are vital for quite a lot of patients. Want to help? Just fill in your details and Belgian Red Cross will get in touch with you!


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