Thai shipowner equips one of his boats with aircraft seats

© Bram Botterman

A nice surprise for Bram Botterman when he boarded his boat from Phuket to Phi Phi Island, a Thai shipowner equipped one of his vessels with aircraft seats! “To our surprise, airplane seats were installed on our boat. We surely didn’t feel at ease: I looked around and other passengers had the same impression 😉 But … we safely arrived at Phi Phi Island,” Bram commented.

If someone knows which airline previously owned and/or used these aircraft seats, please let us know. Tip: one row mentioned “manufacturing date 11/2001” and another row “manufacturing date 07/2004“.

© Bram Botterman
© Bram Botterman
© Bram Botterman


  1. Yep, looks like the one’s used on the old 747’s. Some of them still shuttle tourists between BKK and the other hotspots.


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