Several transport sector strikes in Italy forces airlines to cancel flights


Due to a transport sector strike in Italy tomorrow 16 June (including a ground handling strike) several airlines are forced to cancel flights:

Alitalia reported through its official website that it was forced to cancel almost 180 domestic and international flights scheduled for 16 June, as well as some flights in the early morning of 17 June because of several transport sector strikes, which will be taking place on 16 June.

Flights departing from Italy will operate as usual between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. and between 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., Rome time, on 16 June.

Passengers are kindly requested to check the status of their flight calling +39.06.65649 (from overseas)
or 800.65.00.55 (toll-free number from Italy) before going to the airport.

As a result of the Italian ground handling strike tomorrow easyJet has cancelled 16 flights.

Please see the list of the flights we have cancelled. We have contacted customers that were booked onto these flights via flight tracker, SMS and email using the details provided at check in. For next steps on how to transfer onto another flight or take a refund please see below.

Date Flight Number Departure Airport Arrival Airport Departure time (local time)
16/06/2017 EZY8447 LGW VRN 07:10
16/06/2017 EZY8989 LGW BLQ 07:15
16/06/2017 EZY3353 VCE NCE 10:30
16/06/2017 EZY4465 LYS VCE 10:35
16/06/2017 EZY8448 VRN LGW 10:40
16/06/2017 EZY8990 BLQ LGW 10:50
16/06/2017 EZY3329 VCE ZRH 11:25
16/06/2017 EZY3354 NCE VCE 12:20
16/06/2017 EZY4466 VCE LYS 12:25
16/06/2017 EZY3330 ZRH VCE 13:15
16/06/2017 EZY8067 LGW VCE 12:30
16/06/2017 EZY4294 VCE ORY 15:05
16/06/2017 EZY995 NAP VCE 15:35
16/06/2017 EZY8068 VCE LGW 16:15
16/06/2017 EZY4293 ORY VCE 17:20
16/06/2017 EZY994 VCE NAP 17:25

We plan to operate all other flights as scheduled tomorrow but as the strike will still be taking place there is a chance of delays on the day so we recommend that you check our flight tracker for latest information regarding your flight: / (your flight number) or on our mobile app. Although this is outside of our control we’re very sorry for the inconvenience caused.



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