National strike on 13 February in Belgium: serious impact on air traffic


Belgian trade unions have called a national strike on 13 February after disagreement on a framework wage agreement for the next two years. The Christian, socialist and liberal unions are unhappy with the decision by the Central Council for Business to limit wage increases to a mere 0.8% in addition to the automatic index rise to compensate for inflation.

The unions say that the scope for wage rises is insufficient and object to what they call the employers’ inflexible approach. ACV Transcom today called for a 24-hour strike at ports and airports. “Skeyes (former Belgocontrol and controlling Belgian airspace), airlines and handling agents will follow, we expect that on 13 February not a single aircraft will land or take off from a Belgian airport,” ACV Transcom union leader Kurt Callaerts announced, “exceptions, however, can be made (medical flights, VIP, emergency situations).

National strike on 13 February in Belgium: air traffic disallowed in Belgian airspace (below 24,500 feet)

National strike on 13 February in Belgium: Brussels Airlines cancels entire flight programme (except for some long-haul flights)

National strike on 13 February in Belgium: TUI fly Belgium diverts flights to France and The Netherlands

The rail unions have all joined in with the strike call, which as usual runs from 22:00 (UTC +1) the evening before the day of the strike until 22:00 on 13 February itself. However, some trains will run: since last year, the SNCB is legally bound to lay on a minimum service.

The strike at the airport will start on 13 February at 06:00 (UTC +1) and will last until 14 February 06:00 (based on the latest available information)



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