Friday morning work-to-rule strike of customs officers at Brussels and Charleroi Airport


This morning customs officers at Brussels Airport and Charleroi Airport conducted a work-to-rule strike. The action at Brussels Airport ended at 10:40 while the one at Charleroi Airport took till 12:15, Belgian tv RTBF reports.

From 7:00 in Brussels, customs officers carried out more thorough baggage checks at arrivals. The passengers were forced to queue between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

On a sidenote the authorities found several stocks of meat, medicines, cosmetics and also 4 suitcases of cigarettes. Collecting a total of 48 000 euros in various fines.

The different unions couldn’t exclude new “harder” actions within a fortnight.


  1. it started much earlier than that at brussels international I was there at 4.30 and baggage checks only took 10 mins or so but the passport control took over an hour after check in and bag checks, 2 staff for hundreds of customers, utterly disgraceful, what a woeful bunch of cunts.


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