19 December 2017: Limited railway strike and demonstration against pension reforms set to disrupt air traffic at Brussels Airport


The Belgian railway union CGSP Cheminots / ACOD Spoor is set to hold a limited strike on Tuesday 19 December. A national demonstration will also take place in Brussels tomorrow to protest proposed pension reforms. Workers across several sectors will participate in the industrial action. The protest is expected to hamper traffic in the capital.

Brussels Airlines told website Buying Business Travel that the demonstration in Brussels “might have an impact on our flights”. “We recommend you to present yourself well on time at Brussels airport, and, if possible, to travel with hand baggage only,” added the airline.

Buses of De Lijn to the airport are expected to run more or less normally.

Brussels Airport is also expecting some disruption, particularly in baggage handling. Transport to and from the airport by taxi or bus may also be affected. The airport advises passengers to come early and with hand luggage only.



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