Florennes: improbable collision between a lorry and … a fighter plane


Around 8 am on Tuesday morning, a truck driver could not avoid the plane that sits in the middle of the roundabout at Barrière-Luc, near the military air base of Florennes. The damage is impressive, but the driver came out without a scratch.

A well-known roundabout in the area, it is commonly called the “roundabout of the plane”. Close to the Florennes airfield, a military aircraft adorns the ‘Barrière-Luc’ roundabout, to the north of the village (at the crossroads of N97 and N40).

The police of the Hermeton-et-Heure zone said that a tow truck was expected to put the aircraft on the ground. Indeed, its stability on its base is precarious.

The site of the collision (picture L’Avenir)


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