RegioJet and Dutch Startup European Sleeper are planning new night train connecting Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam and Brussels


RegioJet – the largest Central European private railway carrier on long-distance lines – and European Sleeper – a brand new Dutch railway company dedicated to night trains – are planning to launch new night train service connecting Prague – Dresden – Berlin – Amsterdam – Brussels. The new international open access train line currently being planned and will soon be submitted to request railway capacity.

Ideal for business and tourist travelling

The new connection is planned to be launched in 2022. It will depart in the early evening from Prague via Dresden and Berlin to Amsterdam and terminate in Brussels, where it will have a morning arrival – ideal for meetings for example with the EU institutions. The return trip will leave Brussels early evening, stop at Amsterdam on the way to Berlin, Dresden and Prague, where it will have a convenient arrival time in the morning.

RegioJet and European Sleeper will cooperate with other railway entities to operate the train and sell tickets on individual markets involved – e.g. Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The trains will offer travelling both on seats and also in sleeping compartments and have full RegioJet on-board service – including free internet access, free coffee and other services. As with other connections, the policy of the best prices for the best services is envisaged.

RegioJet and European Sleeper are supporting the EU initiatives

With the new night connection on the route Prague – Berlin – Amsterdam – Brussels, RegioJet and European Sleeper actively support the Pan-European initiative for the development of environmentally friendly night train transport. At the same time, preparation of this connection is a part of an active approach towards the EU initiative – Year of Rail in 2021. Amsterdam, Brussels, Prague, Berlin and Dresden are destinations that are ideal for travelling by night trains both for tourist and business purposes and launch of such a service can make railways more attractive for travelling between key European capitals.

The plan to open this new connection is also part of RegioJet strong expansion in the night connections segment. In addition to already existing night trains on the route Prague – Košice (Slovakia), or Prague – Rijeka / Split (Croatia), RegioJet will also launch new night train service on the route Prague – Przemyśl – Lviv this year.

The Brussels – Amsterdam – Berlin – Prague night train route is European Sleeper’s first connection. It is European Sleeper’s ambition to set up a network of overnight sleeper trains from the Netherlands and Belgium to relevant destinations in Europe.

In addition to the Prague – Berlin – Amsterdam – Brussels connection, RegioJet and European Sleeper plan to develop further night train connections on other routes in Central Europe together.


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