A flight attendant’s message everyone should read, especially after the fatal Sukhoi crash


After the tragic accident of the Aeroflot Sukhoi Superjet 100 where 41 people died, commotion started on social media: some passengers felt it was necessary to take their carry on’s with them during their evacuation. This selfish response prevented other passengers from leaving the aircraft in time. Ashley Bock, an American flight attendant, best describes what many of her colleagues think.

Flight attendants are trained to evacuate a fully loaded aircraft in less than 90 seconds using half the exits. That is the MAXIMUM amount of time before toxic fumes and flames overcome the cabin of a burning airliner making escape impossible.

Red indicates the seats in which the fatalities occurred in this disaster. Witnesses state that there was a pile up in the aisle behind passengers around row 10 who tried to collect their personal belongings from the overhead compartments, costing precious time.

The lone figure in the tail is Maxim, the 22 year old hero steward who is credited with saving many people by pushing them through the smoke and flames when his doors could not be opened. There are many photographs of surviving passengers on the tarmac with luggage. Each one of those suitcases may represent a human life in exchange.

There is NOTHING so important that it cannot be replaced. Please remember, your life is far more important than a suitcase, and NOT the only one on that burning aircraft. Fly safe.


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