Flemish Minister for Environment J. Schauvliege suggests aviation tax at European level

© Dominique Deduytschaver

Flemish Minister for Environment J. Schauvliege wants an aviation tax at European level. “In this era, it’s far too cheap to take a flight. Furthermore, you don’t pay for the environmental damage that has been done,” Schauvliege said in Villa Politica, a current affairs programme that is broadcast twice per week on Belgian television.

Schauvliege thinks that we all have to make an effort for the environment, but that certain sectors such as industry, air transport and maritime transport are not targeted enough. She wants to introduce an aviation tax at European level, because whoever flies currently does not co-finance the environmental damage. Belgium could not introduce such a tax on its own, because consumers will then fly from other countries, like The Netherlands or France.

Schauvliege is aware that is taking unpopular measures but only to leave a viable planet for “our children and grandchildren“. She would even like to go further: “I think you should go to a general climate or CO2 tax.” For example, products that are less good for CO2 emissions would become less attractive and could simply not be imported from outside Europe.


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