“No plans of launching Disney Airlines,” Walt Disney Company says


The launch of a Disney-themed airline called Disney Airlines is nothing more than a fairy tale. Several media outlets published the news based on specialist news site JustDisney.com, but the latter was forced to remove the article from its site. “We don’t have plans to launch a dedicated Disney airline,” the Walt Disney Company announced, adding: “the rumours are unfounded and incorrect.”

Luckily, there is google cache 😉

Disney Launching Their Own Disney Airlines!

The Walt Disney Company is about to enter the domestic aviation travel industry! Starting in 2021, The Disney Company will acquire smaller regional airlines to focus it’s operations on offering flights out of Orlando to and from major airport hubs including Detroit, Chicago, LaGuardia, and LAX.

Disney has been cited in the past expanding their transportation offerings, with Disney’s Magical Express. The Magical Express is a transportation service that shuttles guests from Orlando’s Airport and to Disney Resort throughout the property. Now with Disney looking to operate in the air, they will control more of the guest experience.

We have “ears” inside on this development and have been given information that the entertainment offerings will include inflight Disney + access to each seat, Disney’s new streaming service. Disney songs will be being played over the airplane’s speakers as you board. There are also discussions that characters will also be making appearances before the cabin doors are closed to send you on your way. Buzz Lightyear, will have a heavy presence as your “captain speaking.”

The airlines will be “wrapped” with famous Marvel and princess themes to help celebrate your big trip. Disney is to stay competitive with rates that are just as affordable as South West Airlines and United. One perk that passengers can look forward to is if your staying at an onsite Disney resort within 48 hours of your flight, your first bag is checked free of charge for every passenger.

Onboard snacks are to include, Mickey Premium Ice Cream bars, warm churros, and Strawberry fruit bars, Coca Cola will be in exclusivity with the airline as well. As more of this develops look here for more insight on how you can become one of the first guests aboard!


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