Miami Air International goes bust

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – April 6, 2019: Miami Air International Boeing 737-800 airplane at Fort Lauderdale airport (FLL) in Florida.

Miami Air International employees have been told that their corporation ceased trading, after 29 years of air services.

The CEO, Kurt Kamrad, said that the airline has been looking for “transaction partners”, with discussions being held for several weeks. However, no viable proposal to acquire the assets of Miami Air was received by the airline.

For the last 29 years, we have worked together hand in hand as partners on many projects. Many of those projects we accomplished when others said it could not be done. Many times we were the first airline to accomplish the project.

As recent as this February, Mayor Bloomberg’s people told me they asked around and were told if they wanted a VIP operation, Miami Air was the only airline they should talk to. On New Year’s Day this year, the military needed help moving 4000 troops to the Middle East in 72 hours, so who did they call? Miami Air. And as recent as this month, Reva Air Ambulance contacted us, and within 48 hours we accomplished the first US passenger airline transport of COVID+ people.

These are just a few of the recent examples of the reputation you, the employees, have built. Your dedication, flexibility, ingenuity, and professionalism are the reason Miami Air has survived for these 29 years. Because of that reputation, Miami Air is a brand name known throughout the entire industry for exceptionalism,” the CEO said in a letter to his employees.

During winter seasons, TUI Group was leasing a few aircraft to the American carrier (OO-JAA, OO-JAQ, D-ATUK, D-ATUB) but Miami Air also leased aircraft to the German leisure group (N732MA, N733MA, N738MA, N739MA).