[Coronavirus] Denmark is closing down for the next two weeks

Photo by Anders Mortensen on Unsplash

Danmark lukker ned” or “Denmark is closing down“, Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced during a press meeting. In two days, not later than 13 March, the country will close schools and universities and will send all civil non-critical servants home. Public indoor gatherings of over 100 people are not allowed and pubs have to stay closed. 

Limited use of public transport and urgent legislation

The use of public transport must be limited and spread over as much time and capacity as possible. From tomorrow (Thursday, 12 March 2020) the Government proposes urgent legislation that will allow the authorities, if necessary, to force, for example, the closing of private institutions, schools and daycare centers, ban events and other congregations where many people are staying close together.

Additional restrictions when entering Denmark

The government is currently investigating the possibility of imposing additional restrictions on entry into Denmark. From a forced medical examination on arrival, the possibility of forced quarantine when coming from a “red area” or the refusal of foreigners arriving from red or orange areas. Furthermore, passengers on ships, including cruise ships, can be disallowed from going ashore.



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