Belgian Railways and Infrabel adjust the train offer


NMBS/SNCB and Infrabel will adjust their train offer from Monday morning by reducing the number of P-trains to and from Brussels.

Since the start of the Coronavirus crisis, Infrabel and NMBS/SNCB have been working closely with the authorities to monitor the situation in the rail sector in real time, which is crucial for the proper functioning of the country. It is important that the continuity of public transport on Belgian territory can be ensured during the course of the crisis and that the conditions of transport can continue to provide a good capacity to transport travellers who have to carry out their journeys.

NMBS/SNCB and Infrabel note a significant decrease in train use (30-35% occupancy of the trains during the peak period on Friday 13 March). Following what almost all other neighbouring train operators are doing, Infrabel and SNCB/NMBS – in collaboration with the government – have decided to adjust the train offer from Monday 16 March. In concrete terms, 47 P trains to and from Brussels will be cancelled. Trains to Brussels Airport are not affected.

This measure should allow to ensure 97% of the normal offer; all lines will continue to be operated and the composition of the trains will be strengthened as necessary to maintain a moderate occupancy rate and thus reduce the risk of contamination between passengers.

This change of March 16 is a first phase that may evolve depending on the evolution of the situation, absenteeism due to illness of employees of both railway companies and the occupancy rate of the trains. NMBS/SNCB and Infrabel will continue to monitor the situation in real time and will make additional adjustments if the situation so requires, with a view to continuing to offer a service of national interest on all major axes.

BRUSSELS, March 15, 2020


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