[Coronavirus] “Only window seats allowed on planes”: but many questions remain

Photo by Bambi Corro on Unsplash

After the decision that rail passengers can only occupy a window seat, a new corona restriction will be announced on tomorrow’s meeting of the different governments in Belgium and aviation24.be has a scoop on the matter: from 3 April, airplane passengers will only be allowed to occupy a window seat.

Like on the train, the measure only applies in the weekends and on school holidays. It will come into force on 3 April, and it only concerns planes going to a “tourist destination”. The measure is specifically aimed at avoiding crowded planes to places like Benidorm and Magaluf, Spain or Saint-Tropez, France with the Easter holidays coming up on 3 April. An exemption will be made for children under 12 years travelling with their parents.

Of course, there are still numerous questions from passengers and airlines, who think that the rule is too strict. But airlines have no choice but to respect the rules of the government.

In the meantime an online petition has been started against this restriction, feel free to sign it here.


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