Captain Jack – a new indoor aviation theme park in Mol


Jack Schoepen, son of former Bobbejaan Schoepen wants to build an indoor aviation theme park in Mol, called “Captain Jack”.

Captain Jack - indoor aviation theme park Mol

With an investment of 15 million Euro, Jack Schoepen -fascinated by planes since his childhood- hopes to attract around 300000 “passengers” per year with a focus on “young passengers” aged between 3 and 12 years.

blankThe main attraction will be a Boeing 747, at the entrance 2 smaller aircraft will be placed. A perfect location for birthday parties and other events. Jack Schoepen added that he is going to build a copy of an airport with space for fun, games and amusement. The entrance tickets will look like boarding cards and inside the building you will have several runway views.

His ETD for his amusement park is: end of 2018. And of course Jack Schoepen is looking ahead and is already planning other indoor aviation theme parks around the globe.

For more information: Captain Jack official website