ERA comment on the UK referendum result on membership of the EU


Following the UK’s vote on 23 June to leave the EU Simon McNamara, Director General of the European Regions Airline Association (ERA), comments. “Time will tell what this vote will mean for the UK and wider European aviation sector. Aviation is a global industry that works best in a borderless environment where the free movement of people allows airlines to move passengers seamlessly and without complication.”

As an European association, ERA represents both EU and non-EU member airlines and has associate and affiliate members from across the globe. “ERA represents its 53 member airlines at the highest levels in Europe,” says McNamara. “Our airlines face similar challenges and ERA protects and safeguards their interests whether they are members of the EU, European Common Aviation Area, or have chosen to negotiate a bilateral aviation agreement with the EU or another European country. Through our extensive experience ERA will continue to support our members flying to, from and within the UK as it becomes clearer what the implications of the vote are for the aviation industry.

ERA head office, UK, 24 June 2016