British travelers flying back to the UK are queuing too, and it will only get worse after the Brexit

European passengers face huge delays this summer: thousands of flights cannot depart on time, reported last week. Not only European passengers are facing huge delays, British travelers flying back to the UK are queuing too, newspaper The Daily Mail headlined today. Queues in both directions and they will only get bigger as British Prime Minister May confirmed on Monday that after the Brexit the border controls in the United Kingdom will become even more stringent.

From The Daily Mail: Holidaymakers queue for hours as Brussels imposes though passport checks – and British families suffer most (Read more):

  • Travellers from outside Schengen free movement zone subjected to strict rules
  • Instead of a few seconds, passport control process can now take several minutes
  • Checks imposed on entry and exit, with some travellers missing flights as result
  • Issues follow introduction of EU rules tightening controls within Schengen area
  • Holidaymakers are unaware of the delays which have been ongoing since May
  • New regime after it emerged that terrorists used EU passports for Paris attacks

Commenting on the ongoing problems of long queues at European airports as a result of changes to security measures at the border, Tim Alderslade, Chief Executive of Airlines UK, the industry body representing UK-registered carriers, said:

“Airlines UK wrote to the Department for Transport about this issue back in May, following similar problems reported at some airports, notably in southern Europe, over the busy Easter period. Ministers responded in June to say they were encouraged by the lack of any further reports of disruption since the implementation of these changes. Clearly the situation has changed markedly as we enter peak holiday season, and it is now up to the UK Government to work with industry to use whatever influence it can within the EU to persuade Schengen Member States to resource their border operations properly. This ‘resourcing up’ has failed to happen thus far and it is passengers and consumers – many of whom are from the UK – who are suffering as a consequence.”

Comedian Aaron Gillies edited the newspapers frontpage in a funny way:

We want tougher borders and to make it harder to get into other countries except when it’s us on Holiday please be nice to us.


Ya didn’t think this through did you? You bananas brexiting fuckwhistles.


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