Yesterday IKEA launched FLIKEA Airlines; … and other fake stories (April Fools’ day)


Perhaps you have noticed that added some fake news (alternative facts) for the celebration of April fools’ day, perhaps not (yet). 😉 The fake news that we didn’t publish: IKEA yesterday launched a new airline: FLIKEA 😀

We’re taking to the skies with the launch of a low-cost airline: FLIKEA!

We’re thrilled to announce plans to launch our own airline in 2019. FLIKEA will be a single-class, low-cost carrier that will travel to many international destinations, and will include the world’s first non-stop flight from Sweden to Australia.

The airline will utilise the five dimensions of Democratic Design unique to IKEA – exceptional form, quality, sustainability, function and price – to reduce aircraft weight and fuel requirements, resulting in a dramatically reduced transit time, lower ticket price, and cutting out the need for any stopovers.


Other fake news:

Note from editor: Not 100% sure the Asiana Airlines new pet transport regulations article is fake news/true.


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