And the winner of the 2020 “are you stupid or dumb?” award goes to …


A video posted on social media stunned and shocked the online world. Disgruntled that his airline doesn’t serve hot meals, passenger and “comedian” Marcus Monroe (Instagram @marcusjmonroe) goes to the front toilet on a Delta Air Lines (?) regional jet to cook his own steak. Not only does he ignore the mandatory safety regulations, endangering himself and anyone else on board, but preparing food inside an aeroplane toilet is simply …. yuck! 

Flammable liquids

Flammable liquids may not be carried in passenger baggage, because it might endanger the safety of an aircraft or persons on board.

Smoke detector

Any airline will prohibit tampering with, disabling, or destroying any smoke detector installed in any aeroplane lavatory. Heavy fines are due!


Many passengers know that tap water on board is not drinkable. Washing and putting lettuce on the aircraft’s sink is an attack on your own hygiene. He sure didn’t think of all the bacteria, urine, and faeces that might stick to the sink.

This “master-chief” probably has had his 5 minutes of fame now, but where is the limit? Do you think that his movie is fake or not? See for yourself:

Uploaded to TikTok, then removed

Monroe added his movie on social media platform TikTok, but meanwhile, he removed the viral video from his account. He has publicly said the whole thing was made up and was nothing but a prank.


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