VintageAirRally organises at STOL competition at Knokke (Belgium) in June 2018

© Beatrice De Smet

The VintageAirRally is proud to present a unique event in Belgium – a STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) competition on the beach at Knokke-Heist on 14-17 June 2018. The organisers are expecting pilots from around the world to take part in this test of precision flight and precision landings – and perhaps create some new world records!

Throughout the event, there will be exhibitors on the beachfront and at the exclusive Pilot’s Club on the sand. The Pilots’ Club will be holding a series of events during both the day and the evenings with guest speakers from the world of aviation in Belgium and around the world.

In the competition, there will be prizes for eight categories:

Vintage Biplane (pre-1959)
Vintage Monoplane (pre-1959)
Biplane >750KG
Monoplane >750KG
Aeroplane >500KG <751KG
3-Axis Aeroplane <501KG
Overall Winner (combined with another category)


There will be additional prizes for:

Youngest pilot
Oldest pilot
Oldest plane (date of first registration)
Biggest plane (Maximum Take Off Weight)
Furthest travelled (state of residence of pilot)
Facebook (most likes for their team on the rally’s Facebook page)



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