20-year old arrested in Israel for filming planes landing at Sde Dov Airport

Niv Stobenzki, a 20-year-old man has been arrested in Israel after flying a Mavic Pro drone near Sde Dov Airport in Tel Aviv – close to where aeroplanes were attempting to land on the runway – and then bragging about it on social media “filming air planes from about 90 Ft distance from the drone”.

On Friday 14 July, he went to an outdoor bar about half a mile away from the airport and launched his Mavic Pro drone into the air. Sde Dov Airport is the smaller Tel Aviv airport mainly used for domestic flights.

Some comments on his YouTube profile:

Dear sir I am a captain who operates an A321 into TLV on a regular basis. I also own a mavic. If I ever meet you, I will shove your mavic, controller and the bag it all comes in right up your fucking ass! I do think many people are over zealous when it comes to condemning drone flying and should get a grip, but YOU endangered those aircraft and you did it to get views. You are one of the people who WILL get this hobby banned and you need to be prosecuted and made an example of.

I am a Pilot and I submitted an official denunce to the Authorities, including FAA and Israel Airports Authority. I have a copy of your video with your face clearly visible. So…erasing this video will not save you. Good luck.

You should go to jail for this. Im both a pilot and Drone Operator, but you are a idiot. If you fucked up, or one of those aircraft did a turn on late final, it could kill everyone on board. Could you live with yourself if you did cause a crash knowing you KILLED potentially hundreds of people? Could you sleep at night KNOWING that YOU CAUSED PEOPLE TO DIE? Dont fly near airports, its really fucking dangerous. Got it?


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