Airbus A330 submerged in Turkey’s Edirne to boost scuba-diving tourism


After last week’s submerging of a Boeing 747 in Bahrain, another aircraft was submerged last Friday (14 June). This time in Saros Bay, Edirne, Turkey. The government is eager to boost scuba diving tourism.

A decommissioned Airbus A330 was transported from the southern city of Antalya, transported all the way up northwest Turkey and reassembled in the city.

It took about four hours to completely sink the 90-ton aircraft. Local authorities are looking forward to attract more visitors eager to search and dive for the Airbus, which is at a depth of 30 meters, around half a nautical mile away from the shore.

Bahrain launches world’s largest eco-friendly underwater theme park, a Boeing 747 as its centrepiece


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