A Yak-52 tourist plane crashes in Couvin; the pilot is injured


A tourist plane crashed on Tuesday morning at 11:45 in the industrial zone of Aublain located in the commune of Couvin. Apparently the engine stalled.

It is a tourist plane that has attempted an emergency landing near Couvin. There was only one person on board, this person is always conscious and the services of the Couvin fire station are busy carrying out extrication. The victim is stuck by the legs, “said Daniel Boussifet, from the Dinaphi rescue zone. “We do not know where the plane came from, because when the rescue arrived, the pilot was conscious, but he was made asleep so that he could be extricated more easily and without suffering too much.

According to Mayor Raymond Douniaux who went to the place of the , “a perimeter of safety has been established and the zone is thus no longer accessible“.

The craft, a Yak-52, took off from the Cerfontaine aerodrome. The pilot, Etienne Verhellen, was born in 1964. Trained in the Belgian Air Force, he has been Boeing 747 captain for British Airways. He was eventually extricated and transported to a hospital.

The Yak-52 is a small Russian training aircraft and known for its aerobatic skills.