Virunga pilot Anthony Caere (Flying Doctors – één) recovers from serious head injury after plane crash


Virunga pilot Anthony Caere -also known from the documentary Flying Doctors (één)- is recovering from a serious head injury after a plane crash 2 days ago.

3 people were on board – Anthony, Jeanot from the Virunga Foundation who suffered fractures, and a third who was not injured and is in good health. Emmanuel De Merode was not in the plane. This took place at the Aérodrom URARA/VILLAGE DE BULONGO/SECTEUR RWENZORI/TERRITOIRE DE BENI.

Last year this baby one-year-old chimp was saved out of the hands of poachers in the Congo by Virunga National Park pilot, Anthony Caere, who flew baby Phil to Lwiro Primates.



  1. I love kind people, the world has many, but needs so many more. Do no harm people. Love everyone and everything as if it were your own and quit fighting over petty stuff!


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