[Video] Two helicopters collide on Australia’s Gold Coast, killing four people


Two helicopters collided mid-air on Monday, killing four and seriously injuring three, south of Brisbane in Australia’s Gold Coast tourist region.

A mid-air collision between two helicopters in Australia has left at least four people dead and three others in critical condition. Six other people were being treated for minor injuries.

The collision happened around 14:00 local time on the Gold Coast near Sea World water park, south of Brisbane.

Television images show the rotors of a helicopter lying on a sandbar a few metres from the shore. The other helicopter appeared largely intact at the crash site.

After the accident, a rescue helicopter landed on the sand, while dozens of rescuers spread out on the ground. Several police and rescue vessels stood ready to intervene near the sandbar strewn with debris from the two helicopters.

The exact cause of the collision is not known but it appears that one helicopter was taking off when the other was landing. The one that landed safely had lost its windshield, while the other crashed and overturned.

The Australian Transport Safety Board announced the opening of an investigation into the accident, presented as a “mid-air collision”. Investigators were expected on site to examine the wreckage, map the site and recover investigative material.

Update 4 January: a video inside the cockpit has emerged. A tourist warns the pilot seconds before the mid-air collision. That helicopter was able to safely landed.



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