U.S. Gulfstream G200 Galaxy corporate jet runway excursion after landing at Tegucigalpa-Toncontin Airport, Honduras


A Gulfstream G200 Galaxy corporate jet (N813WM) suffered a runway excursion after landing on runway 02 at Tegucigalpa-Toncontin Airport, Honduras. No fatalities have been reported yet the firefighters at the scene reported six injured passengers.

The local hospital announced that the six passengers -all with an American nationality- are stable and didn’t sustain any life threatening injuries. The local authorities said that it was a miracle that the private jet didn’t hit a vehicle or a house given the location of the airport and attributed the incident to the “inexperience of the pilots” as it was their first landing at the airport (?).

The private jet with U.S. registration arrived from Austin, Texas.

It’s not the first runway excursion at the airport: a Hercules C-130 in 1997 and TACA flight 390 registered EI-TAF in 2008.


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