Stampe-Vertongen SV-4 aircraft ditches into the Western Scheldt

Copyright Paul Lammens

On 8 October, a Stampe-Vertongen SV-4 aircraft (registered G-AIYG) departed Antwerp Airport, Belgium, destination Midden Zeeland Airport, The Netherlands. While flying over the region of Ossenisse, however, the pilot encountered technical issues.

The pilot quickly decided to perform a ditching in the Western Scheldt. After the impact, the aircraft immediately tipped over. Passengers of a nearby sailing boat filmed the ditching (follow this link for the video).

Luckily, the pilot escaped unharmed.


  1. Why do you publish a random photo of an unrelated aircraft on this article when it is quite easy to find pictures of G-AIYG on the internet?

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