Seven dead, including two children, after helicopter and small plane collide in Mallorca

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Seven people, including two children,  have been killed on Sunday in a collision between a helicopter and an ultralight aircraft on the Spanish Balearic island of Mallorca. The two aircraft collided with each other for unknown reasons at 11:35 UTC in the neighbourhood of Inca and crashed into a field following the collision. Witnesses say the impact noise was huge.

The Spanish Aviation Authorities have launched an investigation to find out more about the cause of the accident.

Five people likely to be Germans were on board the helicopter, two of them minors. Two adult Spaniards were in the small plane. All the people on board the two aircraft were killed.

Emergency services, the Civil Guard and local police attended the scene of the accident near Inca.

Local media reported that the helicopter was on a sight-seeing tour. Part of the wreckage from the aircraft landed near houses in a rural area.


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