Russian Navy Beriev-200 firefighting plane crashes in Maraş, Turkey, killing its 8 crew

Beriev Be-200ES water bomber © Dmitriy Pichugin on Wikimedia

A Russian Navy Beriev-200 plane (reg. RF-88450), rented by Turkey from Russia and involved in extinguishing the forest fire in Kahramanmaraş’s Onikisubat district, crashed. There were 3 Turkish and 5 Russian crew members on board.

It was reported that the Beriev-200 plane, which Turkey rented from Russia to be used in extinguishing the fires in the country, crashed while fighting the fire in the Onikisubat district of Kahramanmaraş, about 50 km NW of Gaziantep. There were 8 crew members, 3 Turkish and 5 Russian, on the plane. After the accident, search and rescue teams were sent to the region.

A fire broke out at around 13:00 today in the Almalı location near the rural Ilıca District of Kahramanmaraş’s Onikisubat district. Upon the notification of the locals who saw the rising smoke, 100 forest workers, 10 water tanks, 1 plane and 2 helicopters were sent to the region. Crews responded to the fire from the air and from the ground.

The Beriev-200 firefighting aircraft, which was used in the aerial response to the fire in the region and rented by Turkey from Russia, crashed on the slope of Engizek Mountain at around 14:30. Search and rescue teams were dispatched to the region where the plane sent from Adana to the region crashed.

The Beriev-200 Russian aircraft, called the Be-200 for short, is a Russian-made amphibious jet aircraft manufactured by Altair Beriev. The aircraft is designed for firefighting, search and rescue, maritime patrol, cargo and passenger transportation, and has the capacity to carry 12 tonnes of water, which it fills in 14 seconds at a speed of 150-190 kilometres per hour.

Source: Deutsche Welle Türkçe


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