Helicopter crash injures four at the Namur aerodrome in Temploux (Belgium)

Picture © L’Avenir

A helicopter accident took place on Sunday at 12:30 pm at the Temploux airfield (EBNM) near Namur. Four people were wounded.

A pilot and three other people were on board the aircraft for a so-called “first flight”. The helicopter probably had a problem when it took off. It lifted a few metres in the air before crashing to the ground.

All occupants were injured to varying degrees and were taken to a hospital by several ambulances. These are not serious injuries: the lives of the victims are not in danger.

A press conference in the afternoon will provide more information on the circumstances of the accident. The helicopter (which belongs to a private pilot and not the local helicopter company “Best in Sky”) is a Robinson R44 registered OO-FLY.

Sources: L’Avenir, Sudinfo



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