Former OO-LTN (TEA) & OO-VET (Brussels Airlines) Boeing 737s involved in landing mishaps


Bad luck for two former Belgian registered aircraft OO-LTN and OO-VET this week: they got both involved in a accident during landing.

Boeing 737-400 (serial 28202) OO-VET (Brussels Airlines), now registered with Taban Air in Iran as EP-TBJ had a burst tire while landing at Ardabil on domestic flight HH-6243 from Mashhad. Moreover, the right hand main landing gear also retracted during the landing. The engine touched the runway surface and the aircraft became disabled on the runway. There were no injuries among the 163 persons on board, but the aircraft received substantial damage.


Former TEA Boeing 737-300 (serial 25071) OO-LTN was less fortunate as this Peruvian Airlines aircraft now registered OB-2036-P touched down after short domestic flight P9-112 from Lima to Jauja city Francisco Carlé Airport in central Peru, at more than 3000m altitude. The aeroplane veered off the right side of the runway and the right hand wing of the aircraft impacted the perimeter fence. Fuel began leaking from the wing and ignited. The 141 passengers and crew members evacuated safely while the fire was spreading, consuming a large part of the fuselage. the aircraft is damaged beyond repair.


First reported by forum members passenger and konus:


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