Crash of a plane of Italian aerobatic team “Frecce tricolori” kills child on the ground

Frecce tricolori © Lolo00 on Wikimedia Commons

In Turin, Italy, a tragic plane crash occurred involving an aircraft from the Frecce Tricolori aerobatic team shortly after takeoff from Caselle Airport. The Aermacchi MB-339 aircraft (reg. MM54539) had just taken off in formation to head to Vercelli, where it should have performed an aerial exhibition. For reasons yet to be ascertained the aircraft lost altitude and crashed into the ground. The pilot, Major Oscar Del Do’, ejected with a parachute before impact and survived but suffered burns. Unfortunately, a five-year-old girl lost her life in the crash due to the ensuing fire, while her 12-year-old brother was critically injured and hospitalised. Their parents were also injured and taken to different hospitals.

The crash debris struck a family’s car on a country road near the airport, causing the younger child’s immediate death and the older child’s severe injuries. The aircraft crash occurred during a low-level flyover scheduled for the celebration of the centenary of the Italian Air Force in Collegno, near Turin, resulting in the event’s cancellation.

The initial investigation suggests that the aircraft may have collided with a flock of birds, possibly causing an animal to enter the engine and leading to engine failure. The plane managed to avoid crashing into the residential area of San Francesco al Campo but still met with tragedy. Several political figures expressed shock and condolences over the incident, with the Minister of Defence, Guido Crosetto, and other officials reacting to the tragic event.


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