Caverton Helicopters Cameroon DHC-6-400 Twin Otter crashes in Cameroon; no survivors


On 11 May, Cameroon air traffic control lost radio contact with a Caverton Helicopters Cameroon DHC-6-400 Twin Otter (registered TJ-TIM) that was operating Yaoundé (Nsimalen) – Dompta – Yaoundé (Nsimalen). The aircraft carried 11 passengers and crew members.

After the disappearance, a search-and-rescue operation started. The aircraft was found crashed in a forest, not far from Nanga Eboko.

The aircraft carried oil workers. None of the passengers survived the crash.

Further equipment has been deployed to salvage the deceased.


  1. Yaoundé actually is Nsimalen, so the flight was NSI-DOM-NSI. The aircraft was on contract with COTCO, the Cameroun Oil Transport Company, to operate regular pipeline surveillance flights and support travel logistics for the bases in Douala, Belabo and Dompta.


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