Aircraft collision at Lukla airport in Nepal, three killed


At least three people were killed after a Summit Air Let L-410 Turbolet collided with a helicopter at Lukla Airport in Nepal on Sunday morning, according to local authorities (video of the crash at the bottom of the article).

The aircraft, registered 9B-AMH, was rolling down the runway when it suddenly yawed to the right, slamming into a Manang Air AS350 helicopter, bearing registration 9N-ALC.
As a result of the impact, both of the aircraft were dragged down to a lower helipad where they both caught fire.

Lukla airport is the nearest airport to the world’s highest peak Mount Qomolangma, while April-May is the peak climbing season in the Himalayan country.

In the springtime, domestic airline companies conduct over 50 flights everyday to Lukla, known as Tenzing Hillary airport, featuring vibrant terrains and harsh weather patterns.


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