Aeroservice LET L-410 crashes during approach to Kazachinsk Airport in Siberia, four dead

Russian Let L-410 (for illustration only) © Public Domain

Aeroservice LET L-410 registered RA-67042 and performing Sila Avia flight 51 from Irkutsk lost height and crashed about 4 kilometres before the runway at its destination, Kazachinsk Airport in Siberia, with 14 passengers and 2 crew on board. Fog prevailed at the airport at the time (22:35L or 14:35 UTC). 

The plane fell on an island in the Kirenga River 4 kilometres from the airport in the village of Kazachinskoye, where it was supposed to land.

Rescuers managed to get to the crash site and remove the crew and passengers with boats. On the shore, the passengers were met by ambulance crews, most need a stretcher or outside help, they could not move independently. According to the regional governor Igor Kobzev, only five people got out of the plane, the rest need to be taken out.

Several channels reported that there were four fatalities in the crash – the captain and three passengers.

The LET L-410 Turbolet is a 19-seat twin-turboprop transport aircraft developed and built by the Czech company Let Kunovice. This L-410 was built in 2014, and before taking off it underwent a technical inspection.

Currently, the reason for the crash is thought to be a piloting error due to poor visibility. Thick fog was observed in the area.

12 September 2021 21:19


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