A Congolese military Antonov aircraft crashed shortly after take-off N’Djili, Kinshasa


An aircraft of the Armed Forces of the Republic of the Congo (Forces armées de la République du Congo) has crashed on Saturday morning about 100 kilometers west of Kinshasa, according to sources all passengers died in the disaster.

The Antonov took off N’djili Kinshasa airport in the direction of Bukavu and was carrying between 20 and 30 passengers, according to a source that requested to stay anonymous (other sources say only 10 passengers on board). They crashed in the N’Sélé commune, a part of great Kinshasa.

The Antonov was piloted by a Russian crew and was carrying two vehicles and ammunition, as well as military staff. According to the N’Djili captain Georges Tabora the aircraft had a technical problem and lost contact with air traffic control.

The accident occurred around 07:50 (UTC), somebody claimed to have seen the plane fall out of the sky but without apparent smoke.


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