2 Belgians died in a fatal light plane crash near Edolo, Lombardy


The search and rescue of OO-G73, a twin-seat FK-9 Mark IV, build in 2008 with 2 Belgian citizens on board and missing since Monday afternoon ended up in a tragedy. The wreckage was spotted Tuesday afternoon in an impenetrable area between Edolo and Sonico, two comunes in the Lombardy region.

On Sunday two FK-9 Mark IV arrived at Samolaco air base where the two crews (4 people in total) spent the night. On Monday one of the crews headed towards Lake Garda but the aircraft disappeared from the radar. The two Belgian pilots didn’t survive the fatal crash.

Nieuwsblad.be this morning wrote that the victims are Yvan Remory (51) and Wim De Jonckheer (49), two members of a Brasschaat aero club.

© Luc Barry


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