Severe structural damage on a Spanish Air Force EADS Casa C-295 after bumpy landing at Santa Cilia-Los Pirineos, Spain


On 3 April, a Spanish Air Force (Ejército del Aire) EADS Casa C-295 (T.21-10/35-48) made a very bumpy landing at the airfield of Santa Cilia-Los Pirineos. The aircraft failed to slow down, went of the runway and fell into lower ground.

A total of nine injured people were reported, one of the pilots received severe head injuries. The Spanish Air Force operates 13 C-295. (designated internally as T.21). Meanwhile, a video clip and some pictures appeared on social media (see below).

Background info on the aicraft type: The C-295 is manufactured and assembled in the Airbus Military facilities in the San Pablo Airport, in Seville, Spain. It is a development of the Spanish – Indonesian transport aircraft CASA/IPTN CN-235, but with a stretched fuselage, 50% more payload capability and new Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127G turboprop engines. The C-295 made its maiden flight in 1998. The first order came from the Spanish Air Force. (source: wikipedia)

T.21-10/35-48 C.295M | EBBL | 09.09.2017


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